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Our soaps are handcrafted, the old-fashioned way
using the cold-process method. 
There is nothing in our soap you wouldn't find 100 years ago.

 It's clean. Simple. and all Natural.

Delilah's Dairy Goat Milk Soap is made
with the finest ingredients available.

Coconut oil/Olive oil/Castor oil/oils (Fragance or Essential)

Lavender / Vanilla / Sandalwood / Verbena / Patchouli/ Unscented

Please email me to see what 
i have in stock at the moment.
email ranchgal@comcast.net
Each batch is unique and handmade in small amounts
to ensure quality and consistency.

We milk our goats daily. Nubian milk is known
for its high butterfat and high protein yields, which
translates into a creamier more luxurious bar.

Each bar should cure for 5 weeks or more

please email ranchgal@comcast.net for availability. Special requests. 
Or any questions you might have.

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All products are made in our farm kitchen. 

Please do not use our soaps, if you have a known allergy to dairy or nuts.