Raw milk is for animal food consumption only. 

Do not tell me you are buying it for yourself to drink.

A few requests before I will sell you milk:

1. email me letting me know you understand the laws of Florida regarding raw milk consumption. 

2. How much milk you want a week/month or not sure.

3. Your full name, home address, and home phone number.

at: Ranchgal@comcast.net

Here are a few FAQ that might help you decide if you want to buy milk from me.

YES. I sell raw GOATS milk.
NO. I do NOT pasteurize.

YES. I drink it all the time. Cook with it. And make soap and cheese.
NO. You can't come here to taste.

YES. You can come pick up milk if you bring a cooler with ice.
NO. I don't care you live only x minutes away, you need to bring a cooler with ice.

YES. Milk will last in the cooler till you get home.
NO. It will not last while you go to the mall, pick up pookie from ballet, or let sit in cooler overnight.

YES. This is my home.
NO. I don't have what you call store hours.

YES. I know its a bit of a hike.
NO. Sorry, I don't deliver.

YES. All milk is sold in glass quart or half gallon jars.
NO. You can't bring your own.

YES. Milk will stay fresh in MY fridge for up to 20 days.
NO. I have no idea how long it will stay in yours.

YES. Milk can make you sick. So can sushi. Broccoli. Spinach. Peanuts. Anything raw.
NO. I make NO guarantees. Buyer beware.

YES. I sell frozen.
NO. You can't freeze older milk. TELL ME i will freeze fresh for you.

YES. You need to lower your fridge temps for my milk. 32˚
NO. You can't leave raw milk on counter and expect it to stay fresh.

YES. You can come visit and meet the goats on your first visit.
NO. You can NOT milk my goats. Feed my goats. etc.

YES. I feed my goats the best money can buy. Grains. Peanut or Alfalfa Hay. Minerals.
NO. I'm not certified organic. Getting the "organic" label is time consuming and almost impossible on a small acreage. Just because one says they are organic, ask for their records. more clarification? call me.

YES. Goats are browsers. They eat weeds. brush. waist high.
NO. They are not grazers. Nor free range, that's chickens. Nor pasture fed, that's cows.

YES. I will use wormers and antibiotics when the life of the goat needs saving.
NO.  I will NOT sell the milk from goats that have been treated. They get pulled from the lineup for at least 2 weeks.

YES. I milk by hand. As cleanly as possible. On the concrete garage area.
NO. I don't have a dedicated milk room. Clean room. or Grade A facility.

YES. You can call or email me with amounts to confirm availability.
NO. You can't just pop over without calling or emailing first.

YES. Raw Milk is expensive. So is grain, hay, vet bills, and my mortgage.
NO. You can't resell the milk.

YES. Cash preferred. CC ok if larger then $40 purchases.
NO. Checks not accepted.

YES. You can come purchase Goat's Milk soaps.
NO. You don't need to buy milk.

YES. I ship soap any where in the country.
NO. I don't ship milk.

YES! Email me anytime for anything and any other questions you might have.
NO!!!! Please do not ask me about the dangers/pitfalls/benefits etc. of raw milk, YOU should already know as much if not more then me about the controversy regarding raw milk.

We are very serious in our endeavor.

Thank you for your interest,