Raw milk is alive and constantly changing. Treat it with respect and care, or you can get sick from how you handle it. I do everything in my power to milk cleanly, I need you to take the same care.

  1. ALWAYS transport milk in a cooler. With ice.
  2. Keep your refrigerator at 32˚.
    No more then 34˚ at all times.
  3. Store milk in the coolest part of the fridge. Never the door.
  4. Never mix cold and warm milks
  5. Never mix milks from different dates- till use. AND only 3 days apart max.
  6. Never move milk from glass to plastic. Or one glass to another. Keep in original container. Unless you are sure its sanitized properly.
  7. Never leave milk on the counter.
  8. Keep lid air tight.
  9. Never drink milk from dispensing jar.
  10. Milk left on counter and reach room temp. Toss it.
  11. Thaw frozen milk slowly in the fridge. Raw milk at thawing can separate (cream from milk). Use a strainer to remove curds if necessary. Then move to a sanitized glass jar. 
  12. Never freeze older milk. Tell me and I will freeze for you straight from the udder. It's the process of freezing older milk that makes it separate at thawing.